1. What is Geriatrics Medicine?


Physicians that specialise in geriatrics are called geriatricians. They handle a wide variety of diseases and conditions. In addition, they also tackle social issues and functional decline that the elderly often encounter. Geriatric doctors are board certified in family medicine or internal medicine, after that they receive specific training in geriatric medicine.

The objective in geriatrics medicine is to advance the elderly patient’s ability to operate and improve the quality of life of the patient, family, and caregivers.


Our doctors do not just diagnose and treat diseases in the elderly. They engage in all phases of care taking to ensure the physical and emotional health of each patient.

For each aging patient, our geriatricians:

  • check the patient’s medical history to decide what past illnesses or conditions may be affecting present health
  • evaluate the patient’s capacity to live independently and perform every day living activities
  • discover if multiple medications are causing symptoms
  • establish that the patient has the basic social support from family, friends, and from community
  • support changes to the patient’s current living conditions to secure a safe environment
  • help the family/caregivers in handling the challenges of the patient’s needs
  • question about assisted living or nursing facilities if possible