Chronic Care Management

To Our Valued Patients and Family Members:


In view of the rapidly changing healthcare environment, Medicare has created a program called Chronic Care Management (CCM) that identifies that the care of chronic health conditions is an important goal.   Ongoing medical problems must be managed effectively between the heath care team and the patient to maintain the the best possible health.  Medicare felt that this systematic monitoring that supplements regular face-to face visits and requires a primary health care team along with your physician, was so important that they now reimburse for CCM to promote a comprehensive primary care.


Our goal is to make sure you get the best care possible from everyone that is involved with your care. We can help coordinate your visits with other doctors, facilities, lab, radiology, or other testing; we can talk to you on the phone about your symptoms; we can help you with the management of your medications; and we will provide you with a comprehensive care plan. Medicare will allow us to bill for these services, however, you must provide your consent to participate. We are so pleased to provide this service to our patients, and have received positive feedback and willingness to pay the minimal monthly fee, and to annually sign an agreement to participate in CCM.


We strive to provide you with the best care possible, to keep our patients out of the hospital, and to minimize costs and inconvenience to you due to unnecessary visits to doctors, emergency rooms, labs, or hospitals. We know your time and your health is valuable and we hope that you will consider participation in the program with our practice.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Stefanos Pantagis, MD
Medical Director
Geriatrics & Longevity Treatment Specialists